The day of the Scan


Your satisfaction is our first concern. In order to prepare for the day of the scan, here are some tips about clothing: The scanner needs to “see” the model precisely in order to reconstruct a file as accurately as possible. We use the best 3D color printing technology currently available. However, bright or transparent colours cannot be accurately reproduced. The more you follow these recommendations, the more beautiful your Minimoi will be. In general, it is preferable to wear clothes that are coloured with textured textiles and/or patterns.


All common clothing is easily modelled. However, contrasts and strong textures should be preferred. The texture of the fabrics must be visible at a distance of 70cm so that the scanner can orient itself. Glossy, reflective or transparent materials are invisible to the scanner. They may therefore require hours of retouching. Avoid this type of material if possible. If possible, use colourful clothes as they stand out better in the impression than pure white and black. The not too fine patterns are perfect for 3D scanning. Be careful however with the thin lines they can generate a “moiré” effect. Patterned dresses, large checkered shirts, flowery patterns work perfectly. Avoid glitter, rhinestones and glitter on a large surface.

Leave your black clothes in the closet and bring colors to your Minimoi!

Recommended textiles: Jeans, corduroy, knitwear

Textiles to avoid: Silk, tulle, silk muslin, velvet


Leather that is too smooth and shiny should be avoided over a large area (e.g. large boots). Choose not too shiny colored leathers or suede. Sports shoes work well.


Thin individual hairs or strands are simply too thin to be scanned and printed. The shine and color of the hair can be difficult to scan in these cases, it will be difficult to scan loose hair. Therefore, compact hairstyles that fit snugly on the head, neck and/or shoulders should be preferred. Braids, ponytails or buns are the best. Avoid using glossy or glitter lacquer. In general, straight hair is more easily digitized than curly hair. If you absolutely want a loose hairstyle with curly hair, additional fees may apply. If you don’t want to change your cut, you can wear a hat or cap.


As long as they are worn directly on your body (ears, navel, face or other visible parts of the body), we can usually reproduce them easily. Beware of long, hanging, thin and hanging jewellery and suspension elements. For example, large earrings or earrings cannot be printed.


We have the possibility to digitize the glasses, but the transparency of the lenses cannot be reproduced. We can either make just the frames or with opaque lenses (white, black,…). Glasses require separate manual modeling. You will be charged a supplement.


Do not use too much powder or foundation to come to the studio. The scanner needs to see the roughness of the skin to reconstruct the model. However, you can apply lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, etc. locally.


If any of these restrictions are not applicable at all, we always have solutions and we like challenges. However, be aware that a supplement may be required. If you can’t decide on the clothes, you can come with several outfits. We will advise you.
It is possible to make sexy or nude figurines. In this case we will reserve access to the studio for you to ensure privacy protection.