The Minimoi franchise :

You are passionate about new technologies, you have premises for a commercial activity in a strategic geographical location. Minimoi takes care of providing you with a premium 3D figurine service on your premises. Specialized equipment will be provided and we will take care of everything. With the Minimoi franchise, you will benefit from a complete solution with ease. The handling of the 3D scanner is simplified as much as possible. We take care of the entire technical backoffice part. At the end of the training day, all you have to do is take care of your customers! We have spent more than 2 years developing and automating our production process. This way, you will be operational as soon as possible, without any particular technical knowledge and with a limited basic investment.

The White Label franchise :

Do you want to benefit from our technology, do you already have a brand? This franchise formula without the marketing pack will allow you to evolve without technical complications with your own branding.

The cleaning of 3D bodyscan :

Too much work? We can surely unload you! Our technical team will process your files according to your requirements.

Consulting :

Do you need a technical hand? We probably have plenty of answers to your questions.

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