Minimoi is what is it ? How does it work ? Here we try to answer all the most common questions about modeling people. Can’t find the answer to your question ? We will be happy to answer. Come and see us or send us an email !

The 3D scanning technology used by Minimoi is of the latest generation and among the most efficient on the market. However, there are some textures and surfaces that are now impossible to scan. It is for a description of your preparation has been made available to you here: The day of the scan. The day of the scan.

No risk, Minimoi's scanning methods are not dangerous. We use a 3D scanner specially adapted for people. The scanner requires a few seconds to acquire the necessary data to reconstruct your digital copy.

Everyone has their own personal reasons, their own desires. Nevertheless, the common point of all figurines is that they are a timeless image stop of your silhouette in a unique situation.

Our system to model your silhouette is an impressive system using the latest technologies in 3D image modeling and processing. The installation is therefore not simply movable. Still reluctant to move?

Even if the shots only take a few seconds, allow about 10 minutes in our studio for the entire process. The figurine will then be made in 4 weeks and you can pick it up in your mailbox or pick it up at the studio. 

We have a small space in the studio dedicated to the toilet. You are free to take your favorite outfit and accessories. However, plan to come a little early if necessary. 

Anyone can have their figurines scanned in 3D and printed, even pets.